Could Mindfulness Affect Gene Expression?

I’m always interested to see the deep and lasting changes that can come from a regular meditation regimen… …especially when those changes can be measured on a physical level. Meditation has long been touted as a go-to source for stress reduction, and in recent years, researchers have been compiling evidence to back up those claims, even showing that mindfulness causes changes in brain structure. Some of the latest findings come from the work of Richard J. Davidson, PhD and his colleagues in Wisconsin, Spain, and France. (If his name sounds familiar, that’s because Dr. Davidson has been doing a lot…

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A Different Way to Handle Stress – Can Brain Science Help?

Stress – it’s often (if not always) a regular part of life. But everyone handles it differently, and many people are frequently on the search for ways to deal with it more effectively. Now, while stress triggers are usually different from person to person, our brains are actually hardwired to process stress in a certain way. So sometimes, this hardwiring can make stress feel more intense – and the reactivity that can come along with it often only compounds the problem. In this video clip, Rick Hanson, PhD explains why the brain is wired this way, and what needs to…

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In the Grip of Fear

A recent article in Newsweek “How we narrowly avoided a depression” (Robert J Samuelson – Newsweek 10/12) just caught my attention. Its business commentary but in a way, it relates so directly to our work. Samuelson drew distinctions between 1929 and 2007-09, and talked about The Depression as one of serious economic downturn and paralyzing fear. He adds that “a devastating loss of confidence inspires behavior that overwhelms the normal self-correcting mechanisms . . . normal anxieties are converted into abnormal fears that trigger panic”. He’s talking about society but he might just as well be talking about human nature….

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Why You Need to Know About Inflammation

For the past 5 years, Inflammation has been an up-front focus… and even in this teleseminar series, a front-burner topic simply because of inflammation’s increasingly common and threatening presence. So Dr. Shealy has argued that inflammation is the root of all disease. For more on this important topic, check out our mind/body programs. Meanwhile, go to the comments and tell us what you think.

The Dual Nature of Inflammation

How can inflammation signal healing yet at the same time, be the culprit in undermining our good health? We’ve all had the experience of inflammation – we trip or fall, our ankle or knee swells. We get a surface cut, it bleeds. We get blisters or hotspots, there’s redness and warmth. These signs of inflammation just mean that “the body” is rushing in with the “first aid” it needs to heal. And after a few days, the swelling goes down, redness begins to dissipate, and our white blood cells and T-cells return to their usual “at ease” patrol. Healing is…

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