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The Quick Start Guide:
Get the Applications in One Easy-to-Use Guide

by Ruth Buczynski, PhD
with Daniel Amen, MD

1. Balancing hormones to calm the brain

Most of us have periods where we can feel overwhelmed, and unable to settle our minds. Dr. Daniel Amen says this may actually be caused by hormones and that one hormone in particular can help relax your brain.

“I think of progesterone as the brain’s natural valium – it sort of soothes you and relaxes you.

When progesterone levels go low – and most people don’t know this, but they start to go low ten years before you go into menopause, around thirty-eight, or forty, or forty-two, and all of a sudden women can’t sleep.

They are anxious, they are more irritable, and they start reaching for benzos, sleeping pills, or alcohol.

A little natural progesterone can often make a very big difference in settling things down for the female brain.

Progesterone is also protective. There is new research showing that it has been used in people who have traumatic brain injury. Progesterone can enhance healing.

Estrogen and progesterone tend to be just two incredibly important hormones for women.” (on p. 9 in your transcript)

2. Testosterone, obesity, and your sex drive

Hormones can impact the brain in so many ways. But one hormone that is especially important for the brain is testosterone. Here, Dr. Amen shares just how big an impact testosterone can have on your brain, and your life. This is just a preview of the handy, concise guide you’ll receive as a companion to each weekly webinar. These are designed to help you immediately take what you’ve heard and begin putting it into practice.

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About the Author:

Ruth Buczynski

Ruth Buczynski, PhD, Licensed Psychologist and President of the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine. Since 1989, Ruth has combined her commitment to mind/body medicine with a savvy business model. As president of The National Institute for the Clinical Application for Behavioral Medicine, she’s been a leader in bringing innovative training and professional development programs to thousands of health and mental health care practitioners throughout the world.

Successfully sponsoring distance-learning programs and annual conferences for over 20 years, she’s now expanded into the “cloud.” During the past 6 years, she’s developed intelligent and thoughtfully researched webinars to bring
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