Next Week in Your Practice Excerpt

Excerpt from Next Week in Your Practice

You’ll receive this kind of practical insight designed to help you take the latest findings in brain science and apply them in your work. In addition to the information contained within the webinars, these videos featuring Rick Hanson, PhD, and Bill O’Hanlon, LMFT, and me will arm you with numerous techniques and exercises you can use with your clients right away.

We’ve designed this helpful learning tool to equip you to bridge the gap between learning and practice. The complete Brain Science series, including lessons showing you how to immediately apply the principles in your work, is available for a limited time for only $197.

Would you like helpful tips to begin applying the latest principles of brain science to your practice right away?

Register for the Complete Brain Science series and you’ll get:

  • Audio and video links – Downloadable links of audio and video files each week
  • TalkBack with the Experts – Downloadable links to an insider’s discussion with the pros. They’ll explain and elaborate on important ideas and give examples of how it is relevant to your life
  • Professional transcripts – Make the ideas your own by taking notes to track useful information and helpful quotes
  • Your Plan for Next Week – Short 15-minute videos where the pros help you turn webinar ideas into your easy-to-apply action plan.
  • QuickStart Guide – A concise weekly guide that highlights key concepts from the webinar, TalkBack segments, and Your Plan for Next Week. You’ll be able to review the major ideas at a glance

Everything is yours to keep forever