New Brain Science Teleseminar Series Makes History

world map for brain science series

I’m not sure where to even begin.

To our knowledge, this has been the biggest practitioner teleseminar series to date, not only for NICABM but also for our profession.

Practitioners poured in from all over the globe to join us on these ground-breaking calls, and we’ve been overwhelmed with your response. This audience size required us to create back-up players for the calls, and plans are underway to upgrade our servers yet again.

Weekly Wednesday night broadcasts ranged from 3,447 to 5,483 people per night (according to Google Analytics), coming from all 50 US states, and from the following 78 countries:

Argentina Cyprus Indonesia Netherlands Slovenia
Australia Czech Republic Iran New Zealand South Africa
Austria Denmark Ireland Nicaragua South Korea
Bahamas Dominica Israel Norway Spain
Belgium Dominican Republic Italy Panama Sweden
Bermuda Ecuador Jamaica Peru Switzerland
Bhutan Egypt Japan Philippines Thailand
Brazil El Salvador Jordan Poland Trinidad and Tobago
Brunei Finland Kazakhstan Portugal Turkey
Bulgaria France Kenya Qatar Uganda
Canada Germany Latvia Romania United Arab Emirates
Chile Greece Lebanon Saudi Arabia United Kingdom
China Guadeloupe Malta Serbia United States
Colombia Hong Kong Mexico Singapore Uruguay
Costa Rica Hungary Monaco Slovakia Venezuela
Croatia India Namibia

Positive, life-changing comments have been flooding into our office and onto the series’ after-the-call comment boards.

The ideas being shared during these calls have been giving many practitioners those “ah ha” moments – inspiration and new direction for both personal healing and practical treatments.

To celebrate the series, we pulled together some of the most compelling ideas from the calls to make our own highlights video.

If you haven’t already seen it, be sure to take a look right here.


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  1. Palina Erna Asgeirsdottir says:

    My friend shared this opportunity with me and I listened for the first time last night. I’m looking forward to next Wednesday thank you.

  2. I have had the same problem since I was young; I have a very strong fear of dying. Often times I will make myself get out of bed and do something to avert my thoughts; mainly I will take a shower and drink a glass of warm milk with vanilla and some sugar. If this doesn’t work, try something a little bit more stimulating that can avert the thoughts, but won’t keep you awake for hours once you lay down. Pick up one of your favorite books, or walk around in your back yard for a bit.. . If it still persists, speak with your doctor. They can prescibe something for you to take when these attacks occur that will sooth your thoughts and help you fall asleep.. . I know how horrible this is. Best of luck.

  3. Nancy Goldblatt L.C.S.W.-C says:

    You offer such great courses. Why aren’t you accredited to offer CEU’s for Social Workers in places besides Florida and California?
    I am a social worker in Baltimore, Md. You are not listed as an approved provider of CEU’s for Md Social Workers. Do you plan to apply for approval for providing CEU’s to social workers in Maryland or other places.


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