How Anger Affects Your Brain and Body [Infographic – Part 3]

Anger is an important and sometimes necessary emotion.

But all too often, anger can quickly escalate and become destructive once it’s been triggered.

Uncontrollable anger can often create problems in relationships both at home and in the workplace. But beyond that, it can have devastating physical consequences.

So just how and where does anger impact the body?

That’s what we’re highlighting in the infographic below. It’s the final segment in our 3-part series: How Anger Affects Your Brain and Body.

You can find the first two parts here:

Part 1: How Anger Moves Through Your Brain and Into Your Body

Part 2: How Stress Hormones Can Change Your Brain

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Now we’d like to hear from you. How have these ideas helped you better understand anger – either in yourself or others? Please leave a comment.

And finally, now that we can see how the body and brain react once anger gets triggered, what are some strategies we can use to regain calm?

Here’s one practical skill you might find useful.


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