How Environment Affects Neurogenesis

Which room would you prefer… I imagine that many of you have children or grandchildren. Perhaps nieces or nephews? If you had to picture the nursery that you would want for them, would it look more like this: Or this: Did you cringe at the thought of putting a child in the sterile room at…

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Depression: The Connection between Color Perception and Mood

What color do you think of when you think of depression? It’s probably a dark color, like blue, black or gray. There is a reason for that. Research from the University of Freiburg shows that depressed patients cannot view black and white contrasts accurately. A new study in Biological Psychiatry showed a dramatically lower retinal…

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Increase Your Metabolism Through Diet – Try this Recipe

Most of us know that what we eat is so very important (for energy, healthy metabolism and all around vibrant health). Actually, much of what we’ve talked about in our teleseminar series so far really starts with what we put in our mouths each day. Yet preparing healthful meals is often a challenge. Besides being…

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Dental Sleep Medicine: Finding New Sleep Solutions

Many psychotherapists think first of psychological causes for sleep disorders, yet increasingly, we are seeing the combination of medical and psychological factors causing various sleep problems.

Want to Improve Brain Functioning? Take an Afternoon Nap

Most of us believe that sleep is essential for function and focus. Recent findings suggest that even afternoon naps can improve the quality of brain function throughout the day. Robert Stickgold, PhD conducted a study through the Center for Sleep and Cognition at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. His experiment required 99 college…

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The Neurobiology of Chronic Stress

While conducting research on Adrenal Fatigue, we ran across lots of studies documenting the effects of stress on the body. There were so many new studies that we had a hard time trying to choose one to blog on. So rather than try to narrow our options, we thought that we would share some of…

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